DX-ZD6UE HDD Extension Unit

Designed exclusively for use with the Mitsubishi Electric Digital Video Recorder range, the DX-ZD6UE offers all the extra storage you'll ever need. The DX-ZD6UE can hold two SATA hard drives, and up to 14 units can be connected to your Mitsubishi DVR for powerful, long-term recording capability.

DX-ZD5UE HDD Extension Unit



Installation is quick and simple thanks to the USB connectivity on the DX-ZD6UE - once you plug it in, the DVR will automatically detect the extension unit and calculate how much additional storage it creates. An optional rack mount kit is also offered. Simple, powerful and reliable, the DX-ZD6UE makes longer-term recording with the Mitsubishi range of DVRs quick and easy.


·         2 x 750 GB hard drives can be installed for a total of 1.5 Terabytes worth of storage

·         USB connection/cable included

·         Connects up to 14 units for a total of 21 Terabytes additional storage

·         Quick and easy setup

·         Direct connections to PC for faster data transfer

·         HDD Sleep mode for longer HDD life

·         Mirroring mode for data redundancy

·         Self clear function for serviceability improvement

·         Optional rack mount kit available


DX-TL5000E Connections

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1 Main Switch
2 AC Power Socket
3 External Control Switch
4 I/O Terminals
5 Serial Bus Input Port
6 Serial Bus Output Port

Specification Overview

General Rated Power Supply

100 to 240 VAC ±10%, 50/60 Hz

Rated input

0.75 - 0.4 A (100-240 V

Operation temperature

5º C - 40º C

Relative humidity

Max. 80 %

Altitude Max.

2000 metres

Dimensions (W x H x D)

424 x 49 x 361 mm


5 kg (6.3kg with 2 HDD mounted)

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DX-ZD6UE Brochure - (2.23MB)

Quality guarantee

3 year limited warranty