PKH-FAK Wall Mounted

The Mitsubishi Electric PKH Heat-Pump air conditioner is suitable for wall mounted installation in applications such as shops, offices and similar small to medium sized spaces. The split system comprises the PKH wall mounted indoor unit, an outdoor unit and a wall mounted control panel.


  • Programmable remote control included (PAR-21MAA)
  • Reduced noise levels
  • Multi-directional piping for installation flexibility
  • 3-Phase power supply
  • Removable filter
  • Back plate installation guide - makes installation easier
  • Optional drain lift-up mechanism
  • Chargeless system
  • Computerised dehumidification

The wall mounted indoor unit is designed to minimise intrusion and the amount of wall space occupied. The ultra slim units can be placed below windows and the larger capacity PKH units are particularly suited for mounting in the spaces between doorways and ceilings. The PKH offers swing flow louvres, which give broader air distribution.

The outdoor units are charged with up to 30 m of refrigerant, incorporates a rotary compressor which is extremely quiet running. Electronic control includes learning defrost, fault finding diagnostics, low ambient fan speed control and anti-phase protection.

Control is by means of a hard wired wall mounted unit. There is auto change between heating and cooling for year round comfort and the option of a programme timer or centralised control.

 PAR-21MAA remote controller
 PAR-21MAA remote controller

 The PAR-21MAA remote controller provides advanced functions such as:

  • Limiting the set temperature range
  • Auto off timer
  • Operation locking
  • Multi-language display (English, Spanish, Italian, German, French, Russian, Chinese & Japanese)
  • Weekly timer - set temperature and on/off control, for up to 8 patterns for each calendar day


Specification Overview

Indoor Unit PKH-3FAK PKH-4FAK
Outdoor Unit PUH-3YKA PUH-4YKSA
Function Cooling Heating Cooling Heating
Net Capacity (kW) 7.9 9.1 9.5 10.7
COP 2.43 3.0 2.87 3.24
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