PCH-GAK Ceiling Suspended

The PCH Heat-Pump is suitable for installation in situations such as shops, offices and similar small to medium sized spaces where there is no suspended ceiling and where it is not practical to use floor or wall space. The long air throw makes the unit particularly suitable for use in long, narrow rectangular spaces. The split system comprises the PCH ceiling suspended indoor unit, an outdoor unit and a wall mounted control panel.


  • Auto vane system
  • Quiet operation
  • Flexible piping - all piping, including draining, can be connected from the right, rear and top of the unit
  • Optional drain lift-up mechanism
  • Includes programmable remote controller (PAR-21MAA)
  • Optional wireless remote control (PAR-SL99B-E)
  • Two units can be connected to a single outdoor unit using a Multi-Distribution pipe (SDD-50S-E)

The ceiling suspended indoor unit can be mounted at the ceiling perimeter, flush to the wall, thus concealing all services. It offers a 2 way air outlet system and controllable swing louvres for uniform air distribution and is fitted with standard long life filters. Electric boost heaters are factory fitted as standard. The hot start system ensures that when in heating mode, the system always starts with warm air being delivered into the space.

The outdoor unit is precharged with up to 30m of refrigerant, incorporates a rotary or scroll compressor and is extremely quiet running. Electronic control includes learning defrost, fault finding diagnostics, low ambient fan speed control and anti-phase and single phase protection.


 PAR-21MAA remote controller
 PAR-21MAA remote controller

 The PAR-21MAA remote controller provides advanced functions such as:

  • Limiting the set temperature range
  • Auto off timer
  • Operation locking
  • Multi-language display (English, Spanish, Italian, German, French, Russian, Chinese & Japanese)
  • Weekly timer - set temperature and on/off control, for up to 8 patterns for each calendar day


Specification Overview

Function Cooling Heating Cooling Heating Cooling Heating Cooling Heating
Net Capacity (kW) 7.5 8.4 9.7 10.4 12.4 14.0 14.0 16.1
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