PLH-AAK Power Ceiling Cassette

For small to medium sized commercial premises, the PLH ceiling cassette provides a cost-effective solution to both cooling and heating, with the additional option of fresh air casement for ventilation.


  • 258 mm height (PLH-3)
  • Vane automatically closes
  • Wide airflow
  • Advanced remote controller with weekly timer
  • Optional wireless remote controller (PAR-SL97A-E)

Whether you're looking for extra flexibility in layout planning or smooth installation, Mitsubishi Electric's 4-way airflow power cassette unit is the perfect choice for today's diversified residential and commercial applications. The three most important characteristics of an air conditioner - flexible layout planning, efficient yet powerful performance, and installation/maintenance ease - have been refined to make this series ideal for use in retail outlets, restaurants, business offices, etc.

 PAR-21MAA remote controller
 PAR-21MAA remote controller

 The PAR-21MAA remote controller provides advanced functions such as:

  • Limiting the set temperature range
  • Auto off timer
  • Operation locking
  • Multi-language display (English, Spanish, Italian, German, French, Russian, Chinese & Japanese)
  • Weekly timer - set temperature and on/off control, for up to 8 patterns for each calendar day


Specification Overview

Function Cooling Heating Cooling Heating Cooling Heating Cooling Heating
HP 3 4 5 6
Net Capacity (kW) 7.7 8.4 9.7 10.4 12.4 14.0 14.0 16.1
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