For small to medium sized commercial premises, the PLA Power Inverter ceiling cassette provides a cost-effective solution to both cooling and heating.

Ceiling cassette


  • Wide airflow
  • Horizontal airflow mode to prevent cold drafts
  • Independant vane setting
  • Quiet operation
  • Pure white colour
  • Optional "i-See" sensor
  • Elevating return air panel - for ease of filter cleaning

Whether you're looking for extra flexibility in layout planning or smooth installation, Mitsubishi Electric's 4-way airflow power cassette unit is the perfect choice for today's diversified residential and commercial applications. The three most important characteristics of an air conditioner - flexible layout planning, efficient yet powerful performance, and installation/maintenance ease - have been refined to make this series ideal for use in retail outlets, restaurants, business offices, etc.

High Ceiling Compatible

PLA Power Inverter Ceiling Cassettes are equipped with wide-flow outlets that make precision air conditioning of spaces with high ceilings of up to 4.2 metres possible. The height and width ratios of the air outlets have been optimised to provide a smoother flow of air that encounters less resistance.

New Refrigerant (R410A)

To help protect our global environment, Power Inverter air conditioners use R410A, a new refrigerant with zero ODP (ozone depletion potential).

Reducing Energy Consumption

Thanks to the new Power Inverter system, a large reduction on power consumption is now possible, compared to non-inverter models. This results in one of the highest Coefficient of Performance (COP) ratings available, helping to lower overall running costs and providing great savings.

Optional "i-See" Sensor

The PLA-RP-BA Series ceiling cassette can be fitted with an optional "i-See" corner sensor panel (PAC-SA1ME-E), one of the most advanced temperature sensors on the market. The i-See sensor constantly scans the rooms seeking out hot or cold spots and automatically directs the airflow to correct the temperature.

Specification Overview

Function Cooling Heating Cooling Heating Cooling Heating
Net Capacity (kW) 5.7 6.9 7.1 8.0 7.1 8.0
COP 2.94 3.27 2.81 3.21 3.35 3.61
Max. piping length (m) 20 30 50
Outdoor Unit PUHZ-RP100V/YHA2 PUHZ-RP125V/YHA 2 PUHZ-RP140V/YHA 2
Function Cooling Heating Cooling Heating Cooling Heating
Net Capacity (kW) 10.0 11.2 12.5 14.0 14.0 16.0
COP 3.31 3.61 3.23 3.61 3.01 3.61
Max. piping length (m) 75 75 75
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