PUHY-HP Y(S)HM-A - 22.4 - 56 kW

CITY MULTI ZUBADAN series combines the ultimate in application flexibility and powerful cooling and heating capabilities to deliver precise comfort even in the coldest days of the year down to -25 degrees C.



  • 22.4 kW – 56 kW capacity
  • High  COPs / EERs due to new higher efficiency inverter technology
  • Choice of Branch Pipe or Header Pipe feeds to indoor units
  • Hyper heating
  • Flash Injection circuit
  • Improved pipe run of 150 m, with a total system pipe length of 300 m

The technology behind the ZUBADAN series is a Flash Injection circuit which provides optimum amount of refrigerant to the system via a compressor through a specially designed injection port to ensure aparticularly stable operation. With this, ZUBADAN can provide a full heating performance even at -15C, and continuous heating for up to 250 minute in one continuous cycle, ensuring phenomenal heating performance at low temperatures.

 PUHY-HP200/250YHM-A  PUHY-HP400/500YSHM-A

Specification Overview

Model Name HP kW Cooling COP (kW) Heating COP (kW) Indoor Units
PUHY-HP200YHM-A 8 22.4 3.50 3.83 1 to 17
PUHY-HP250YHM-A 10 28 3.09 3.52 1 to 21
PUHY-HP400YSHM-A 16 45 3.49 3.74 1 to 34
PUHY-HP500YSHM-A 20 56 3.08 3.49 1 to 43

Indoor Capacity: 50 - 130%

Indoor Models: P15 to P250 / 1.7kW to 28kW

HP is used for model identification only

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